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"Illuminating Through Learning and Love"

Our non-profit organization was formed from a desire to create an entity that would go beyond the goal of merely alleviating such conditions as lack and poverty, ill health, and academic failure.  LoveLight, Inc. is dedicated to promoting healthful lifestyles and helping people, especially those who are considered "disadvantaged", to move toward the realization of their potential. 

We not only provide physical nourishment to children, but also work to promote their overall development as well as that of teens and adults. Since its inception, LoveLight has provided almost 50,000 nutritious lunches during the summer for children in lower income neighborhoods. In conjunction with the meals, we provide activities for these children while at the same time giving college students opportunities for valuable experiential learning. Our Tutoring PLUS program offers individualized services for children, teens, and adults in the area of academics and general functioning. Professional development for adults has included our Professional Learning Community (PLC) Academy and Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) classes.

The name of the organization is a shortened version of a philosophy espoused by a wise and wonderful woman, Barbara O: "Love is the Light, forward is the motion."  We invite you to join us in our efforts to move forward in helping others improve the quality of their lives and in so doing, contribute to a more just, peaceful, and loving world.

Grand Opening

Ribbon-cutting ceremony and plaque being given by the mayor were taken when LoveLight, Inc. opened the office at 154 North Water Street. Bottom picture includes the Kent Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Lori Wemhoff as well as the mayor, some of the LoveLight Board members, and guests

Coming Events!

You are invited! 

LoveLight, Inc., in partnership with the Gerald H. Read Center for International and Intercultural Education is pleased to offer you a unique opportunity.

Dr. Harald Blomberg will be visiting Kent State from Sweden to talk about his work with Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT).

 RMT is based on the early movement patterns of the fetus and infant.These movements are believed to mature the brain and inhibit/integrate the primitive reflexes. Although important developmentally, if the primitive reflexes remain active, they can interfere with learning and optimal functioning. Dr. Blomberg, author of Movements That Heal and Autism- a Disease That Can Heal, has been using RMT successfully for over 20 years and has found RMT to be helpful for motor functioning, attention and focus, emotional well-being, and academic success.

Evening talk and reception on Wednesday,
July 23, 2014 (free)

RMT Level I (RMT for ADHD/ADD)
on Thursday & Friday,
July 24, 2014 & July 25, 2014

RMT, Diet, and Autism & ADD/ADHD
on Saturday & Sunday, July 26, 2014 & July 27, 2014

OT/PT/Chiropractor Level I on Tuesday & Wednesday, July 29, 2014 & July 30, 2014

Read Room in White Hall (Education Building)

Kent State University

Please contact Dr. Lisbeth K. Justice at (330) 673-5839 or lkjusti1@kent.eduto reserve your place at Dr. Blomberg's presentation and reception on Wednesday, July 23rd or for information on Dr. Blomberg’s 2-day sessions on “RMT and Diet in Autism & ADD/ADHD”, “RMT, Dreams and Inner Healing”, and/or RMT for OT's, PT's and chiropractors. On the afternoon of July 23rd, Dr. Justice will be providing a free introduction to RMT for those who aren't familiar with this exciting and promising approach to improved functioning and well-being.


Be part of our STAR Institute project!
Please join our grassroots campaign to raise $325,000 to purchase a building to house a model child development and learning center, teen empowerment & entrepreneurial project, Golden Treasures inter-generational program, and more.
Make a donation using PayPal and encourage friends to contribute by adding a PayPal button to your Facebook page.
Please note: When donating via PayPal, there is a $.30 per transaction fee and a small percentage of the total amount donated  is collected by PayPal.

Tax-deductible donations also may be made to LoveLight, Inc. at: P.O. Box 123 Kent, OH 44240


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